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Submitted on
January 26, 2013


13 (who?)
Thank you all for partcipating and showing me your wonderful works.
Hope you all enjoy the feature and that you find new and talented artists to watch and some superb artworks :+fav:


Special spotlight on the artworks that are in competition for the points ...

Blue-crowned Motmot (Digital Painting) by Rick-Lilley
U are my hope. by Question26
Isis by Rusembell
Emmy Rossum by AmBr0
Storm by nicolasjolly
Sometimes I want to be bad by SilverChaim
Battle Effect 3 by XenofireX
Temple Ruins by arisuonpaa
Stonehenge by kurosakii
Osprey Fishing by diddleh

Please take time to go to my page and vote on the poll to determine the three winners.
First place gets 100 points.
Second 50.
And third 25.
Thank you.
+ of course special features for the three winners.

:star: :star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star:

Tufted Coquette Hummingbird (Digital Painting) by Rick-LilleyWHEN I WAS A VIKING, MY FRIEND HE WAS THE RAVEN by Rick-LilleyBlue Sculpture by BokehLight
:thumb278744018:poppies by blackiris92the bridge by blackiris92
glowing sunset by blackiris92Oh Crap III- Spider sence tingling by Kuja09Oh Crap II by Kuja09
Oh crap by Kuja09Softness white rose by FrancescaDelfinoSoftness pink rose by FrancescaDelfino
White rose with water drops 2 by FrancescaDelfinofractalCat by Question26cookies. by Question26
Out of the Fog by Chronos-KunMountain Binding by Chronos-KunColorful Drops 13 by flowerhippie22
Tight Squeeze by flowerhippie22Making Friends by flowerhippie22Kingofsouls vs Black One (pencils) by Kingofsouls
Queen Chrysalis (human) by KingofsoulsGem'Na Selena Eternia by KingofsoulsForest and the river by psiipilehto
winter scenery by psiipilehtoHorizon by psiipilehtoGlow in the Dark Black and Silver Wyvern Eye by RaPVVNzel
Group Shot by RaPVVNzelSilver and Black Dragon Eye Keychain by RaPVVNzelKelly Eden by Khirlara
brainsss by KhirlaraMas te vale correr, Caperucita by KhirlaraMurder scene by Jade-Abarai-Kat
42176 and baby by Jade-Abarai-Katezio auditore de firenze by Jade-Abarai-KatMystique Man by LadyBone
The kiss by LadyBonea nice oak tree by LadyBoneSteampunk: Sorcerer by Rusembell
Steampunk: Archbishop by RusembellNicola by Katara434Reflection by Katara434
Life Of Sorrow by Katara434Woman by DPasschierWoman 3 by DPasschier
Clown by DPasschierThat Day (page 1 of 8) by ronoHarvest Time by DorotejaC
That Day (page 3 of 8) by ronoThat Day (page 4 of 8) by rono:thumb310627058:
:thumb347933690:Last day of summer by NinaNikolovaThe Colossus waits in the Abandoned Realms by YaensArt
Wheel of Life (extension-project pt.3) by YaensArtCity of Obscurity by YaensArtLittle mermaid got her legs by AnaDalle
Little Mermaid by AnaDalleLive the oldies by AnaDalleThe Assassin by sylor41
Monster Hunter by sylor41Reach for the Light by DorotejaCIt's a big World ! by DorotejaC
Rainy day by AliceClairvoyanteSymphony from yellow to red by AliceClairvoyanterainy day 4 by AliceClairvoyante
Drapery by TheCuresMyBestFriend by TheCuresRefl theFox by TheCures
Rabbits by AmBr0Shirley Temple by AmBr0Escape is so simple by LiveInPix
Exposed to sunlight by LiveInPixMisty morning by LiveInPixStudying . . . by sunnyraina4
Yellow by sunnyraina4Marigold by sunnyraina4The Lover of War by tacoroach
Commission Octo by tacoroachSquirtle Squirt! by tacoroachSlave new world by Spinewinder
Sam! by Kalmek182Dario Franchitti 2012 by Kalmek182Kermit the Frog by Kalmek182
RiBbon by Colorful--MelodyRin-chan by Colorful--MelodyColorful--World by Colorful--Melody
Switzerland by SoffelineThe inner demon by SoffelineBurning Stone by Soffeline
Arcades by nicolasjollyPaques by nicolasjollyC: Kiyoshi and Saki by SilverChaim
Colourful Angel by SilverChaimBetter Alone by Drfayedsunset. by Drfayed
Flower. by DrfayedAzusa Nakano by betamax777Shiina Mashiro by betamax777
Suee by betamax777Fatal Attraction. by TheMoonMonkeyFree Spirit. by TheMoonMonkey
Relax Bro. by TheMoonMonkeyThe Tree by xsanneaCatgirl by xsannea
Glinda by xsanneaVector Book Cover: Alice in Wonderland by YaYaOothe washing machine eats my clothes - no template by YaYaOo
WVT- WONDERWOMAN by YaYaOoPanda by MysteriousStranger11Mami by MysteriousStranger11
White Chocolate Dipped Strawberry by MysteriousStranger11Their Moment by XenofireXThe Master by XenofireX
:thumb331439724::thumb331432860:Meredith by ChooeyChoco
Lucy by ChooeyChocoGirl on fire by ChooeyChocoBig City Life by stellar-happiness
Sweet Dreams by stellar-happinessLast Winter.4 by stellar-happinessAll I see is swirls by Vickimai
Girl by VickimaiRaven by VickimaiApathy by Cliotna
Explaining Genesis with background by CliotnaAlone in the dark by CliotnaChinatown by sarahdeathbell
Enjoying the Morning by arisuonpaaSwamp's End by arisuonpaaLost religion 5 by Bojkovski
Heaven' s on Fire 4 - RE-EDITED by BojkovskiSaba by PolfieDaryWonderful dream by PolfieDary
Cute eyes by PolfieDaryCave of mysteries by CamaroLpTill the end... by CamaroLp
Thoughts by CamaroLpFlower and snow by meliloloSnow 3 by melilolo
Snow 1 by meliloloContest: Gator by Dei-bonWinter under the moonlight by Dei-bon
Master Yi Rocking dat Wuju Style by Dei-bonMystical Forest by MoliugeleSplattered Forest by Moliugele
Colorful forest in autumn by Moliugele:thumb348870903::thumb333941879:
:thumb341356556:Caught In Her Web by TheanimalparadeThis Is How I Disappear by Theanimalparade
I Come Alive by TheanimalparadeUnicorns of Land and Sea by CirpriusAugust Masquerade by Cirprius
Shadow People by CirpriusYellow Lotus by Ganbatte123Little Girl in a Flowering Wonderland by Ganbatte123
Honey by Ganbatte123Set Your Dreams High by kurosakiiUne Vie de Citron by kurosakii
Wishful Thinking by WhisperingEquusHarry Potter Shoes by WhisperingEquusSerenity by WhisperingEquus
Untitled 009 by TheElvishDevilSkull 2 by TheElvishDevilCat by TheElvishDevil
In the Twinkling of an Eye by LydiaRhianneReach High by LydiaRhianneFirst Snow by LydiaRhianne
Relay for Life Fireworks 5 by BrendanR85Pelican Widemouth by BrendanR85Small but maybe deadly by BrendanR85
My Silent Night by SalemCatA Very Curious Seagull by SalemCatSunset and Silhouette by SalemCat
Me and my family by BubbleDriverOut of this World by BubbleDriverHeishan city morning by BubbleDriver
Lil Bub by MedinaManorSasha by MedinaManorLandscape WIP by diddleh
Spencer Reid by diddlehSketchbook Scan : Loki by BowieKellyBenedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes. by BowieKelly
Sketchbook Scan : Tony Stark. by BowieKellyFire fairy (traced and colored) by Momtat31Love In Wonderland (retraced in pen) by Momtat31
Cthulhu by Momtat31GR: SteamPumpkin Angel by TouchedVenusAT: Where Red Lilies Bloom by TouchedVenus
It's A Secret by TouchedVenus:thumb314642960:Apathy by Cliotna
Explaining Genesis with background by CliotnaAlone in the dark by CliotnaFisher's Tree by ChilsRedPepper
Corvus Peak by Miguel-Santos:thumb326053470:Never forget who you are by SophistcationOfSorts
The Poolside by TwoStripTechnicolorBlank by TwoStripTechnicolorAnniversary Speed Graphic by TwoStripTechnicolor
Black Gold Saw by experimental-thingAlice, what have you done? by experimental-thingTouwa Erio by experimental-thing
Runaway Girl by ChilsRedPepperDream House by ChilsRedPepperNoorie by BohemianHarlot
Basking in the Moon's Glow 3 by BohemianHarlotFrenlin from Grendul City by BohemianHarlotKing Parrot by Primal-Fury
Banjo by Primal-FuryA mother duck and ducklings by Primal-FuryParadiso by Cocky-as-a-Rooster
Purgatorio by Cocky-as-a-RoosterInferno part 1 by Cocky-as-a-RoosterUnwinding of Thoughts by Toyona
Taka~ OneOkRock by ToyonaStrings: Spectrum by ToyonaNature trail by Jooihi
Where the eagles land by JooihiA glimmer of light by JooihiChaotic Mind by JordanDeal
Violin and Music Sheets by JordanDealFamily Commission by JordanDealAll Hail the Queen by artofcarmen
Long Live the Queen by artofcarmenAll the powers of Hell. by artofcarmen:thumb348302699:
Hidden village by fenna-marudacastle-mountain by fenna-marudaBrda by fenna-maruda
Ed and Bella by FayerinSelf portrait by FayerinSave your breath by Fayerin
Courtney Love by Born2LatePink Rose by shaliafAustralian Land by shaliaf
Red Flowers by shaliaf:thumb326093365::thumb294622069:
:thumb348373432:The Hitachiin Twins from Ouran Host Club Sketch by xX-HarleyQuinn-XxToushiro from Bleach Sketch by xX-HarleyQuinn-Xx
L from Death Note Sketch by xX-HarleyQuinn-XxThe Cyborg (Prompt 1) by Holly-FoxTwisted Fairytale: Rapunzel by Holly-Fox
Get High Like Balloons by SaMiChiMonster Mirror by SaMiChiIce Cream Mountain by SaMiChi
African Girl by BakerChemiPeriodic Table Chemikaze! (Pg. 2 of 4) by BakerChemiPeriodic Table Chemikaze! (Pg. 1 of 4) by BakerChemi

Literature piece:

And some animations also:
The Ticket Taker Show Episode 4 I Remember You by GruntchovskiThe Campaign of Calories by GruntchovskiBebitched Intro by Gruntchovski
Journey Tribute by SkytchCaught in the Christmas Storm by Skytch''A Shiny Froakie Appeared!'' by Skytch

And the rest of the feature of wonderful artworks is right here :heart::squee::heart:
Don't forget to give those amazing artists all the DA love they deserve :love:
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NJDavisArt Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much! :huggle:
SalemCat Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you so very much, I am honored to be included in your beautiful feature! :hug:
kurosakii Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you very much for putting me on the third place. I truly appreciate it! :hug:
BakerChemi Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for the feature!
SophistcationOfSorts Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013  Student General Artist
thank you so much for the feature! :)
sylor41 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much for the feature, much appreciated :D.
Chronos-Kun Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Student Digital Artist
would like to thank you again, via-journal post, for featuring my work. :) good luck to the top candidates for points.
MissEmeraldEyes Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
DorotejaC Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Hello :)

Thank you for adding my Photos in this feature.

MissEmeraldEyes Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you for participating :)
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